Big Tents

Consider Camping

Camping is all the rage these days and it’s a great way to see and be part of the great outdoors. There’s nothing quite like the experience of living and sleeping in the wilderness and being part of our great country.

Play SatationAnd it’s by far best vacation you can have, it’s cheap too. Xboxes and PlayStations are of no use here, so children are forced to break the spell of sitting in front of their games consuls all day long. It’s hard for them at first but gradually they come round and it will become their best holiday vacation as well (even though they may not admit it).

Getting Ready

So having made the decision to go camping then you have to prepare and this is where planning comes in. The great thing is that there’s just a wealth of experience both on the internet and from outdoor camping shops, where the sales clerks really have a wealth of experience. All you have to do is ask. 31 tips

So you’ve got your cooking equipment, utensils, clothing gear, hiking boots, etc. Now you need to choose a tent. A big expense. Get it right and you’re home and dry, get it wrong and it spoils what would otherwise be a magically trip.

If your hiking and setting up camp each evening then a small light weight tent is the way to go.

cooking on an open fireBut if your going to stay put in one location then a more ”stately” will come in useful. By stately me mean a larger tent, with rooms and maybe a front covered entrance. They might be a bit more effort to set up but once they’re up they stay there. And they’re great to come back to in the evenings.

Ideally you want to go for a bigger tent than the number of people in your party. This helps with storage. Believe it or not after a week or two you’ll start to accumulate things. The alternative to keeping things inside is to store them outside, which is not always ideal, for a number of reasons.

Large TentLarge 8 Person Tents

Basically you should look for a tent that is two more than your party. Make this the more for five or more people. You can see some good examples for eight man tents here best eight person tent today

As putting the tent up, you’ll need to take it down and pack out away. Sometimes this is more difficult than putting it up. It’s worth doing a few dry runs, both putting the tent up and taking it down and packing it away again. Saves any frustration on the day when time’s at a premium.