Electric Kettle with Temperature Control

Two Cups of Herbal TeaDo You need a Variable Temperature Kettles?

Why you should consider getting a variable temperature kettle? Most folks want a kettle to boil water, right?

Well although that sounds fairly obvious. It’s not always the case that we want hot water and we want it quickly. Well most dwellings have a hot water supply they can tap into.

So that gives two choices, hot water or boiling water. But, and here’s the point, you don’t know how hot the water is? And that’s where a temperature control kettle come in. They allow you to set the temperature at precise increments, usually 5 degrees centigrade.

Getting the Temperature Right

We humans are very limited when it comes to accurately accessing temperature. We can’t do it. We can only tell if something is hotter or colder relative to something else.

So why do you need a kettle that allows you to set its temperature?

Well for a start there’s the cost. When you boil the water, that uses energy, which costs you money. If you don’t need boiling water, every time then there’s a cost saving there. Putting the kettle on 7 or 8 times a day, uses a lot of energy, especially taking the water all the way to boiling, if you don’t have to.

A Cup of Lemon TeaHot Drinks Taste Better

The second benefit is hot drinks. Teas, coffees, hot fruit drinks, all benefit from water that’s not at 100 degrees centigrade (the boiling point of water).

You get better flavor in your tea if you water is lower than the boiling point of water. Different types of tea have different idea temperatures at which to brew. You can see these for yourself here Ideal Brewing Temperatures

Keep Warm Feature

Another useful feature for all the variable temperature kettles is a “keep warm” function. All the models featured here, have one. variabletemperaturekettles.com They will keep your water, at the desired temperature for short periods. Between fifteen and thirty minutes.

So if you like hot drinks, it makes perfect sense to get one