Whole House Water Softener

Soft Water

Water splashSoft water in the home is something we should all consider and today it’s fairly cheap to install and run. Like the units here best whole house water softener They install where the supply enters the house and remove most of the minerals and salts dissolved in the water. This in affect turns it from hard water into soft water.

The benefits to you are that it will save you money in the long term and I go through some of these savings later in this article. But first we want to consider the benefits to you.


We use water everyday to drink, to cook, to wash. Hard water, because it contains dissolved minerals can sometimes be unpleasant to drink. Sometimes there’s an unpleasant aftertaste. These unpleasant side effects are removed from soft water.

When hard water is used for cooking we tend to heat or boil the water. Hard water takes more energy to heat than soft water and, the aftertaste mentioned above, is also present, although not as prevalent as in hard water when it’s cold.

Washing is also a better experience when using soft water as the soft water works better with soap, gels and shampoos. Producing a rich lather that’s also easily rinsed away with soft water. Making you feel cleaner.

Costs – We’ve already mentioned that hard water takes more energy to heat than soft water. And whereas boiling a kettle with hard or soft water hardly makes a difference to the bottom line. It does make a difference in the hot water central heating systems, which are on all day during the winter months.


Pipes and boiler controlsBut probably the biggest problem with hard water is limescale. This is the minerals and salts coming out of solution. This particularly worse when water is heated.

Limescale is unsightly and there’s a cost in removing it. But it also does damage where you can’t see it. Inside washing machines and dish washers. Which reach there end of life much quicker when using hard water.

But it gets worse if you have a hot water central heating system. The heating elements will, over the years, get a layer of limescale. Which gets thicker as time goes by. The thicker this coating the better insulator it becomes. You notice this when your heating bills stay the same but your home seems colder. The only solution is to replace the heating element and sometimes even the boiler. All this can be prevented if your central heating system was filled with soft water.

So as you can see, converting your water supply, into your home, has many benefits. More information can be seen here